Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Winter’s Butterflies

 I did it, I did it! I finished all 30 challenges for the month of September on 365 Cards! Today’s card challenge was about white space. We could only add items along the top and left edges of the card and put a little something in the bottom right hand corner.


The stamp on the left I brought home tonight from Stamp and Deliver. It is part of the October stamps for Great Impressions. I colored it with a few copics. The round stamp is a new set from JustRite called A Merry Little Christmas. That was waiting in the mail for me today after work! I stamped that in SU Cool Caribbean ink. I added the strip of blue snowflake ribbon and a couple of buttons along the top. This gives me another holiday card to send out. This is at least 5 count them 5 Christmas/holiday cards finished by September 30th. I never really start making my cards this early. I need to tell my hubby that this blogging and following 365 Cards is really getting me more organized. Do you think he will buy it? Enjoy the rest of your day :)


  1. Cheri, I love this card! The stamps are so cute and fit perfect in today's challenge!

  2. Nice card Cheri. Nice new stamp image too!!. I did not even think to stamp an image. . .gosh the things you see when you have completed your card hey!!

  3. so glad the snow is on your card and not my lawn LOL cute card :0)

  4. Nice card & congratulations on getting all 30 done! WOW

  5. love the simple elements on this card. Congrats on completing all 30 cards! WOW!

  6. WOW -- great job -- all 30 cards done -- love this card --don't know how you get it all in -- work, tennis, cards!!


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