Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mother Earth



Is it a flag for a new country? No, it is my interpretation for the 4 elements of nature. Today’s challenge 365 Cards was tough. We were to divide our card into four equal parts and have them represent earth, air, fire and water.  Please click on the link and check out what the others did. They are fabulous. I went for the basics and choose to display the colors that represent the elements. Things to note on my simple card: the swirls on the four sections all match perfectly together and I remembered to tilt the earth on it’s axis *wink* (If any of you are science majors, please tell me if I tilted the earth on the wrong side.)

I played tennis again after work today and it went much better. I ate a small sandwich before playing and I bought a Sobe life water to drink. We were actually able to volley the ball quite a few times. On the down side, we were scolded about our shoes. Apparently we have running shoes not “tennis” shoes. We left horrible marks in the clay. So this weekend I have to go shopping. Apparently they also make “tennis” clothing that enable you to put a ball in your pocket without stopping the blood flow to your thigh. I hate to go clothes shopping but I will have to make a trip this weekend.


  1. I really like it! You did a great job and made a neat card! Extra credit for matching all the swirls!

  2. lol i dont know if the world is tilted right or not!! but it is a great card for the challenge :0)

  3. fabbie take on the elements challenge! yahoo for you playing tennis...didn't know there were special shoes and clothes for the sport.

  4. What a nice rendition of the challenge. I like your interpretation as it is very different and the swirls bring on the "elements" with the globe in the middle - very creative!


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