Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I just washed my hands

I think I heard this more than 100 times today while at the hospital with my son. It is a new rule the hospital has implemented to help fight MRSA. If the staff member who is wanting to treat you doesn't say this, you are not supposed to let them touch you. The mantra began at 6:30 am and continued until he was released just before 1:00 pm.
The hernia repair went very smoothly and was done in an hour. Then I had to wait for him to fully wake up. That took awhile. He is home and has been resting comfortably all afternoon on the couch. The weather was very pleasant today (meaning 76) so I had the windows open. He wanted his comforter on him for warmth and it had to be gray side facing him. OK. I have kept his ice pack going all day so it wouldn't get warm and mushy. I left to go to the store for 1/2 with my husband in charge. I come home and the a/c is now on, set to 74, the ceiling fan is on high in the living room, my son is complaining about the heat wave in the house and demands a cold cloth for his body!
I am like, what happened? Did I mention, the son now has an attitude. I am guessing the numbing solution they poured into his groin is wearing off. Oh joy. Lortabs here we come:)
forgive me for not getting a card done today....if he cooperates I will try one tomorrow.

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