Thursday, September 3, 2009

A new toy

 Today I got a new toy to play with when I take pictures of my cards. I bought a photo tent! My oldest son who is in school for photography kept telling me he would make me “something” but I got tired of waiting. I found this at OBN photo.


So now I just need to try the different backdrops and see which one I like the best. It came with four; white, royal blue, olive green and black.  Here is a new photo of an old card that I took just to practice.

100_1555 I think I am going to like this tent. Stop by tomorrow and I should have a new card to show you. We spent the evening looking at new mattresses bed for our youngest. He had a blast laying on many different types. We found that he has expensive taste. He loved the Serta Perfect Day Ultra Cushion Top Mattress. Let’s just say I could buy a ton of stamps at what it cost. The salesman assured us we would not have to buy him another mattress for 20 years. My husband looked at him and said, “He is 16. I don’t have a mattress that cost this much and I won’t buy him another mattress in 20 years, he better be out of my house.” We are going to look again tomorrow night.

I hope you have sweet dreams.

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  1. I so want to get one of those tents. I have heard they make a huge difference. We bought my kids mattresses at Sam's Club. They had the best prices.


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