Friday, April 10, 2009

Flight of the Butterfly

I have had some new items that I was anxious to use and finally after three evenings, finished the card. Naturally, the card is done in shades of blue….do butterflies come in any other color? :) I ordered this piercerability from Spellbinders because it had the butterfly in it. This was my third try because why…..The third time is a charm! Let me just say, tape down your template and you shouldn’t have any issues lining it up. Once it is cut and embossed don’t move it off the cardstock. The first two tries my holes were coming out of everywhere but where they should be and my stenciling was way off.


Once the piercing/embossing was finally accomplished I cut a small strip of SU Ballet Blue CS to show under the scalloped edge. The sentiment is by IO and stamped in Ballet Blue. The butterflies are from the Spellbinders Flying Beauties set (sadly that was another untouched item until this card). Yes they are also done with Ballet blue CS. The flowers are from Petaloo and they have a hint of Crystal Ice Stickles on them. I raised one butterfly and flower up on pop dots to add a bit more dimension. A small strip of light blue organdy ribbon finished it off.

Today was a great day. Chuck had the day off as a holiday, so I took a vacation day to spend with him. We took a drive up to St. Augustine to the Outlet Mall. I wanted to go to the Gap to look for new pants for work. Sadly, the Gap in our mall closed a few years ago. I found 5 pairs in my size! I have a small waist and it is hard to find pants in my size that are not low-waisted hipsters. I also went into the Rack Room shoe store and found some new shoes to match. Unlike my sister Cindi, I am not a shoe hog. Until today I had one pair of sneakers, a pair of sandals, one black pair of heels and one brown, and tan slip-ons. That was it. I think my sister has more than that number in black shoes alone. (I am typing this with love, Cindi). We went to the Croc store for Chuck, I won’t go into details here, but he was like a kid in a candystore. All the colors and styles. OH my…there is quite a following among croc wearers. The shopping venture finished at Hobby Lobby where I picked up 7 more copic markers. Instead of zipping back home on the highway, we decided to drive back on A1A and stopped at the Flagler Pier for dinner. We sat by the window overlooking the ocean and watched as two young children buried their older sibling in the sand:) To be that young and carefree again.

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