Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love it or Hate it?

So I am really enjoying this blogging thing here and I want it to look super cool with all the bells and whistles. I was very upset that my picture in the header was always to the left with sooo much blue space next to it. I had seen cute blogs with backgrounds from the cutestblogontheblock so I went searching for one. Well, lo and behold I found the background you are looking at. It looked really nice without any text and pictures on it. Now that I have uploaded it, and with the help and patience of my sister (love ya Cindi) worked through the colors so you could read my ramblings I am not sure that I like it. It has the cool butterflies, but... So please, if you have taken the time to visit here and read this, leave me a comment. I made it super easy to leave a comment now.


  1. I read most of my blogs thru the blog "feeds" on my Internet Explorer (I have no idea how to explain that right. It's the orange .))* thing at the top of my screen) so I don't see all the coolio blog designs. Yours is VERY CUTE!! but, for some reason, I get creeped out by the images that DON'T move when I scroll down the screen. I don't know what it is; some sort of freaky Flinstone Chewable flashback from the 60's or something. LOL I really DIG the look of your blog tho!

  2. Every Day goal. you are very ambitious. Love all of your card designs and I like the blog heading. I will be visiting often to check it out. Good job Cheri and Happy Birthday to you. The stamp temptress


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