Monday, May 18, 2009

I am traveling again....

I am on the road yet again. This fun travel is for work purposes though:) This time I am in Chicago and Chuck came with me. We arrived this afternoon and after crawling in traffic from the airport we made it. This is a picture of the lobby of the Palmer House Hilton where we are staying this week. Isn't it fabulous? This hotel is also very old built in 1925 and the decor is all French art deco. A good example of the art "deconess" is the colors of our room. The picture on the left is similar to our room, but we have a king bed!! A nice comfy "cloud" bed with tons of soft pillows. The colors are a lime green and eggplant purple. The carpet in the room is ok to look at, but in the hallways, it looks like huge peacock feathers. You walk through a maze of hallways once you leave the elevator to find our room. All along the hallways are signed pictures of famous people who have stayed here. We saw Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Frankie Valle, and George Burns. There are more, but I don't recognize their names. I am sure my Mom would know all of them though:) Our room is on the 12th floor and we have a great view of the metro station and the other hotel tower! For dinner the first night, we walked down the block and found the Exchequer Restaurant and Pub. Click here and you can watch a short video of the pub. We each got a 10 inch deep dish pizza. Let me just say we had leftovers. Chuck gave one box to a homeless lady outside the hotel. Her eyes lit up when she felt the warm box. I hope she likes pepperoni, pineapple and black olives on pizza! Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I have been up since 5:45 this morning and I am tired. We are in a different time zone here so we have a small bit of jet lag to contend with. Ok it is only an hour, but it is still different. Nite.

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